About Reiki Healing and Reiki Classes in Bloomington Normal


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a natural and simple healing method, which allows you to absorb more life force energy so you relax, heal and get a deep sense of peace. Reiki usually helps healing of all kinds as it:

  • Relieves pain, and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Releases blocked energy and toxins, and strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances your natural ability to heal yourself after surgery and during treatment

Please contact me, Susan Kirk, Reiki Master/Teacher, at 309.824.9600 or email susan@susankirkreiki.com, to:

  • Make an appointment for a half hour or full hour of Reiki Healing in Bloomington Normal, IL
  • Attend a Reiki Level I or Level II training class in Bloomington Normal, IL
  • Discuss becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in Bloomington Normal, IL
  • Arrange a Reiki blessing/cleansing for your office or home
  • Meet like-minded individuals for classes or meditation sessions
  • Ask questions about Reiki and Reiki Healing

Most people receiving a Reiki treatment experience deep relaxation and some feel a reduction of aches and pains. As the Reiki energy begins to flow, people often release tension, anxiety, fear and other negative feelings and experience a state of peace and well-being. At the end of the session, you should feel refreshed and have a more positive, balanced outlook.

Blessings, Susan.

309.824.9600 or susan@susankirkreiki.com

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